yes, another thing im doing as well as the other few

August 16th, 2009

Its a rollercoaster starting many projects and seeing if any of that poop sticks to a computer screen. Heres yet another thing ive started today.

You can see a big mistake in it if you look hard - ive subtly pointed it out. Im hoping this post is somwhat mysterious, becuase if I explained, im sure the feeling of dissapointment would become noticable. 

In reality, this simple looking thing meant I had to write some code, which meant I took a number raffle and when that worked poorly I copied the bits off my freind, the human wiki. Its lucky my day job consists of sitting down next to intelligent people who remembered what they were told in maths. Look now!

All this notepad rubbish im sure will be explained away at some point. Very soon in fact! Its true I made a schedule today!

Bouncing Dynamics!

March 9th, 2009

Hi, this is a post about dynamics! I’m gonna try to show how i’m rigging this face up to do some basic boggling using rigid dynamcs, hair dynamics and a motion path or two.

First! Make some simple geometry to use as rigid bodeahs. These’ll represent the collisions at their most basic level. Plopped in the center of the image above, u can see what i’ve used. A hinge joint and aload of springs finsh it off. Far right is a simple dynamic curve setup, two folicles for the eyes and one for the aerial in the bonce. Connecting some locators to the curve with motion paths gives me a hook to parent the bones to. On the far left is the geom those systems drive - just a lo-poly cut down version to test the basic movement!

The idea is the animation will get imported from the base of the neck, and the dynamics will work themselves out, and then get baked out and re-exported onto the rig. I wish I could keep them all in the same file so I could tweak as I go, but i’m too worried about it all blowing up into a massive mess. I’ve got a dynamics blend in the main rig file so I can blend it in and out as much as I want, or re-bake it if I change the anim! WooW! Flexible!

And here it is moving BOING!! Exciting video to follow soon!

A tiny game to play!

October 21st, 2008

I lost a couple of hours today making a real dirt quick lo-poly version for animating! So now you can watch him dance around in the viewport at the speed you do the same. The pic above is an all exciting spot the difference! 1 pic has 1 millions of polys, another has about 210,00 and one has 0 polys. Which is which! Tricky problem!

Arms went wrong

October 20th, 2008

Oh! Look at all the fun around here! Almost got the main bodeah rig going, had a little arm disaster, so they are short here! Hopefully they’ll grow again soon. Some buddies at work have looked over the rig a bit and given it some mighty improvements so its an animators best friend! I want to put up some rig vids, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet.


October 12th, 2008

Look at some circles wrapped around a bodeah! They are for making things move! It all sounds very good but this is rough like a dogs tonuge so now i’ve got to go over each part of the bodeah and make sure it moves nice.