colour problems

August 21st, 2009

Im really quickly racing to get a look for an anim im making. Its super simple and is based around the highly complex cube.

I built up these glouriously foul colours pretty speedy, eye guessing some colour numbers from a bright kids toy. Pumping a tiny bit of illumination on the grim green in the background has roped them all into a tight rock bun. I would love to bang out an anim like this - but you can be sure i’ll get obssesed with detail and it’ll al be metal in the end. 

Im sure you’re piss excited to see a stack of cubes! I’ve been poly reduced to 6 sides! I reckon i’ve got something worth showing though… hang on for it!


January 12th, 2009

woop! po fella! Oviously I had to bung the translucent plastic shader on this thing, chuck a few lights behind his head, and watch Goldfinger while the computer popped this out!

This is mia’s!

October 26th, 2008

Well! I’ve changed all the blinns into holler - this is mia’s! I’ve gamma corrected all the colour sploges and am getting well better colour straight out the renderer. Metals are more difficult to control, but they’ll be getting the wragglin soon. I deeply regret not posing this model up into a stupid dancey pose or crap sprint, because now i’m doomed to spend today rendering out just that useless trash. Still, I can read a book or brush the pegs while I wait.

hobo lighting

October 25th, 2008

Slapping the colours finally back on the rigged model(which has still got a cold). These are just crappy maya blinns right now with some hobo ligthing and pop reflection.  What to do with those crappy arms! Can I be bothered to redo them, or shall I just rip them off so he looks like a giant Chuba Chup?

Lighting test!

August 24th, 2008

I’m getting down to brass tacks on this, thinking about different ways I could render up the movie, so I did a test! For my last movie I rendered the whole thing as loads of different passes - completly faked and shitty, and stuck them all back together. This time I wanna make sure all the nerdy lighting noncesence is in there, so i’m gonna use just mia materials and other barely working metal ray shaders in maya. I wanna light with loads of bounce so the main source is always rimmin off the cheecky subject, which is a bitch for animation as it flickers about like Flatterlys legs. Give it a day or two, and i’ll give this idea up. I have a golden rule never to bother with this stuff or it’ll suck you up.

Im stopping right now

August 20th, 2006

Ok, now I HAVE TO STOP mucking about with this fella and start some work on something else. I`ve gone as far as I can go without having the lighting style totaly sorted. The neck dosen`t even work properly and there are no rigging controls on any of it! I`ll do a big section on the rigging later, hopefully with some movies!
These pictures are well crap, but i`m not going to be working on this for awhile now so this is as far as I am right now.


August 14th, 2006

Right then! Time to set up some reflectivity. Up to now i`ve only been using a diffusive material, a maya blinn with all the specular controls at 0, don`t know why I wasn`t just using a lambert, but there you go! I`ve now set a bit of reflectivity and specularity. The whole head is covered wih the same material which is why it looks a bit wierd. I`m not using a HDR map yet, just 1 area light casting raytrayed shadows and emitting photon(hard left of the face) and a point light casting no shadows up high. Theres a bounce card to the right of the face too.

GI Warrior!

August 7th, 2006

Ohh baby! Check out the GI on this warrior! You can`t beat a good lighting session! I`m only playing around really, but I set up a simple box to bounce a bit of light off and try to get real soft light. I`m rendering at a gamma of 2.2 to try and achieve a more natural spread of light ranges. It`s really nice! Look here!

Crap texture

August 6th, 2006

 I`ve been playing with contrast a bit today, rendering at 2.2 gamma and activating a bit of GI. I`m trying to see what the lighting is going to look like if it is all coming from the far end of the room. It`s a poor test as I had to open the window shutters a bit to let enough light in and there is a big gap in the roof! I refined the tracks the shutters move on too. Still real early days. I want to try a combination of this soft atmosperic light and some harsh, local lights to pick up small patches of specularity. Excuse all the artifacts on these images, they are just for testing. 

Oh dear, please ignore this image! I was just testing out the scale of the objects in relation to the splats on the floor. Please belive me this texture isn`t even started yet! Why I had to plug it into the bump channel is anyones guess! Accept my apoligies to your eyes! I was pleased with the contrast i`m getting under the tables though!

Shack Light

August 4th, 2006

Ok, this image is just to illustrate my idea for lighting the shack. I need the lighting to be able to react to different moods, but still come from sensible places. So i`m going to pre install two dynamic light rigs in the set. First off is the natural light rig. To achieve that, the shack is covered in these huge shuttered windows which can be raised or lowered to allow more or less light through from any angle. They are also on the roof so i`ve got huge control over the angle natural light is entering the shack. The second light rig will be a huge selection of un-natural light, flouresent tubes, spot lights etc. I`ll get to that later. The combination of the soft natural light and the contrast of the harsh interior light and the ability to fade between them at will is the first step in working out the exact look of the film.