colours for every occasion!

September 15th, 2009

Oh happy! Heres a colour scheme! You could say its not so much a scheme, and more of one of everything. I think thats what I need for this. Changing the ratio of colours is gonna let me create all sorts of different images and styles, and mixing colours right up on the same box is gonna be nice too. One thing I think I want that I dont have here - a black and a white block, to use super sparingly.

Whats crackin off tho? These blocks look a little too shiny to me - almsost like they are in a nice puddle. Need to tweak that up.

tiny robot secret

September 14th, 2009

These cubes have a robot secret! Little grabbers live in them to grab onto each other and reconfigure themselves around like them robots from science. I was testing scale out with this crude piccie, seeing if it made sense - and it does, to me!

blocks that look like little stickers

September 13th, 2009

Heres some look development! Working on shaders, I wanted a worn, painted woodblock feel. Building up the wood first, and then adding the paint on top with a mask! The two layers are both mental ray mia_x materials, which are super great. I found a really nice way to blend them over on the djx blog, using his dj_mix texutre. Thanks!

The colours are temp, i’ve got it all plugged up now so the colours are just values I can tweak. I am really feeling the black void background though - makes the blocks look like little stickers. Now the shaders are at a first pass - I can get on with modelling some of the internals of the cubes.

A touch of post after a bath!

September 13th, 2009

Theres nothing better than a relaxing bath with some post work! Pissin around with the levels - and adding a little blur, tweaking colours, dicking around with vinaigrettes, and all in all, not changing the image that much. These quite poo images remind me a little bit of crap cd covers from the late 90s. That is due for a revival, and I am ready with my art!

Really though - im testing an animation, and this is a frame from it. Its well early, but it does move, so it is an animation. I will post that anim soon - its still in testing phase!

colour problems

August 21st, 2009

Im really quickly racing to get a look for an anim im making. Its super simple and is based around the highly complex cube.

I built up these glouriously foul colours pretty speedy, eye guessing some colour numbers from a bright kids toy. Pumping a tiny bit of illumination on the grim green in the background has roped them all into a tight rock bun. I would love to bang out an anim like this - but you can be sure i’ll get obssesed with detail and it’ll al be metal in the end. 

Im sure you’re piss excited to see a stack of cubes! I’ve been poly reduced to 6 sides! I reckon i’ve got something worth showing though… hang on for it!

yes, another thing im doing as well as the other few

August 16th, 2009

Its a rollercoaster starting many projects and seeing if any of that poop sticks to a computer screen. Heres yet another thing ive started today.

You can see a big mistake in it if you look hard - ive subtly pointed it out. Im hoping this post is somwhat mysterious, becuase if I explained, im sure the feeling of dissapointment would become noticable. 

In reality, this simple looking thing meant I had to write some code, which meant I took a number raffle and when that worked poorly I copied the bits off my freind, the human wiki. Its lucky my day job consists of sitting down next to intelligent people who remembered what they were told in maths. Look now!

All this notepad rubbish im sure will be explained away at some point. Very soon in fact! Its true I made a schedule today!