December 30th, 2007

YES! My names really Richard Lord and this is a blog about my never to be completed film LASTOUTPOSTOFSANITY! An awesome balls to the wall action thriller which will limp thrillingly to an unsatifying conclusion some time in the distant future. It’s true! On this very site, prepare to see something as magical as Dumbeldore! I¬†will strive to¬†document in as much depth as I can be bothered the entire trials and tribulations of a movie from it`s birth in the brain tank to it`s delivery across the inter-wave!

You can always email me if you like, i’m friendly like a cup-cake. You can reach me on pgland@gmail.com. I like suggestions and advice very much so, as well as hearing what`s cooking in the upstairs oven.

If you are Mike Patton. Hello, why not make some music for me?

Hope you are well!