yes, another thing im doing as well as the other few

August 16th, 2009

Its a rollercoaster starting many projects and seeing if any of that poop sticks to a computer screen. Heres yet another thing ive started today.

You can see a big mistake in it if you look hard - ive subtly pointed it out. Im hoping this post is somwhat mysterious, becuase if I explained, im sure the feeling of dissapointment would become noticable. 

In reality, this simple looking thing meant I had to write some code, which meant I took a number raffle and when that worked poorly I copied the bits off my freind, the human wiki. Its lucky my day job consists of sitting down next to intelligent people who remembered what they were told in maths. Look now!

All this notepad rubbish im sure will be explained away at some point. Very soon in fact! Its true I made a schedule today!